June 1, 2017 AARP Article - NC 2-1-1


Need Some Help? Call NC 2-1-1

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Laura Marx, president and CEO of United Way of North Carolina, 

said having NC 2-1-1 was "huge” during Hurricane 

Matthew. Photo by D.L. Anderson



By Sue Price Johnson


Hours after Hurricane Matthew drenched eastern North Carolina last year, a panicked caller searched for help escaping the 

floodwaters racing toward his rural home. The local 911 system was overloaded, so he called NC 2-1-1, whose specialists 

were able to coordinate the rescue through the local emergency management system.

“It was between 1 and 4 in the morning,” said Janay, an information and referral specialist who asked that her last name not be used because of agency policy. The caller told her the water had never been so high. In the background, Janay heard what sounded like a rushing river and an anxious woman calling out that the water was getting higher.

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Where can I get assistance/find information if . . .

  • I am in an abusive relationship?
  • I have an elderly parent that I need assistance with?
  • I need food?
  • I need help paying my rent?
  • I need help setting a household budget
  • I think I may have been exposed to HIV?
  • I need childcare for my child that has special needs?
  • I want to volunteer?
  • I want to help a local agency but I don’t know what their needs are.
  • I want to know about agencies special events? 

    The answers to these questions and many more can be found by accessing 2-1-1. 

    2-1-1 is an easy to remember, simple three-digit phone number brought to you by Catawba County 
    United Way. This free and confidential service provides our community easy access to valuable 
    health and human services information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One call can provide 
    information on daycare, camp options, programs for senior citizens or the disabled, as well as many 
    other programs and services within our area. 

    You may also access 2-1-1 online at www.nc211.org