Catawba County United Way Diversity Statement

Catawba County United Way is committed to respecting diversity and individual values in our community. Diversity is the quality of being different in respect to gender, race, religion, age, ethnic origin, socio-economic status, mental and physical abilities, sexual orientation and other cultural differences.

We stand united against all forms of racism and inequity.

In order to embrace unique differences, Catawba County United Way works to ensure that our partners, staff, donors, and volunteers value the importance of creating an environment that includes and empowers every individual to perform to the best of their capabilities. We believe that knowledge of the changing demographics in the community is important for everyone. 

Recognition of diversity and inclusion will create opportunities and acknowledge talents that promote success in education, income and health. In order to LIVE UNITED, Catawba County United Way will continue to embrace the practice and principle of diversity and inclusion to ensure that all individuals and organizations collectively work together to advance the betterment of everyone.

United Way CREDO 

People everywhere are endowed with a desire and capacity to care for others. A concerned and caring community organization is needed as a vehicle for people to channel their energies and resources voluntarily to that end. The United Way has evolved as a community process that brings people together to promote individual well-being and social good.

Therefore, we, the volunteers and professionals of United Way, subscribe to these fundamental precepts as a guide to our actions.

We believe that the dignity and worth of every individual should be cherished, protected and preserved.

We believe that we are stewards of a community process through which all the people can share, both in shaping a common vision of a caring community and in transforming that vision into a dynamic reality.

We believe that we are strongest when we are most inclusive. We seek to involve every segment of the community in every aspect of our work. We believe that out of that involvement will grow understanding, commitment, and the material support we need.

We believe that donors, volunteers, and service providers are the principal stakeholders in our community organization. Sensitivity to their needs is essential to the success of the process called the United Way .

We believe that people who give their time or money to the community should have clear, accurate information about how their resources are put to use.

We believe that we must search continuously for new and better ways to meet community needs more fully and economically. We must anticipate and shape change and give the same consideration to new community needs as we give to familiar ones.

We believe that we must assess the effectiveness of the programs we support against objective standards, and that we must encourage all voluntary agencies to do the same.

We believe that we must strengthen the social bonds that unite us by exercising our responsibility to one another as a community of caring people.

Financial information about us and a copy of our license are available from the State Solicitation Branch at 1-888-830-4989. This license is not an endorsement by the state.

What makes us different?

When it comes to supporting non-profit organizations donors have many choices.  Your donation to Catawba County United Way is an effective and efficient means to improve lives and strengthen our community through our wide-ranging scope, focused action, and accountability requirements.   

Here’s how United Way does what no other organization can.  

Broad Vision -  Understanding the broad needs of our community - United Way is the one place where a diverse group of volunteers come together to identify the needs of our community. ·     

Education, Income and Health - United Way takes a holistic approach to addressing community issues by investing in programs that help people achieve the building blocks of a good life -- education, income and health. Progress in each of these areas creates and reinforces progress in others, multiplying the impact of each donor gift.

Focused Action  Research & Data Analysis - United Way gathers pertinent existing local data on community issues.  The analysis of this data is used to determine the most pressing needs in our community and guide our collaborative efforts to address them. ·     

Concrete strategies and measurable goals - Volunteer community leader’s work to create long-term sustainable change - not just quick fixes.

The right mix of programs - United Way volunteers use a competitive process to select the right mix of programs that will achieve our community’s goals by focusing on the areas of Education, Income, and Health to improve lives and strengthen our community. This comprehensive process provides a level of assurance that donors ‘gifts are being used effectively.Accountability and Results ·     

Accountability - United Way holds every program we fund accountable for the effective use of donors’ contributions.

Results - United Way regularly reviews funded programs to ensure they are using proven strategies to produce measurable results.

Trust - Since 1944, Catawba County United Way has maintained a trusted reputation provided by an experienced and talented local board of directors.