Catawba County United Way Diversity Statement

Catawba County United Way is committed to respecting diversity and individual values in our community. Diversity is the quality of being different in respect to gender, race, religion, age, ethnic origin, socio-economic status, mental and physical abilities, sexual orientation and other cultural differences.  In order to embrace unique differences, Catawba County United Way works to ensure that our partners,staff, donors, and volunteers value the importance of creating an environment that includes and empowers every individual to perform to the best of their capabilities.  We believe that knowledge of the changing demographics in the community is important for everyone.  Recognition of diversity and inclusion will create opportunities and acknowledge talents that promote success in education, income, and health.  In order to LIVE UNITED, Catawba County United Way will continue to embrace the practice and principle of diversity and inclusion to ensure that all individuals and organizations collectively work together to advance the betterment of everyone.