3 Reasons to give to your United Way.....

1. It's a write off! That’s right! Your donation to the Catawba County United Way may be tax deductible! You have to love that!

2. More bang for your buck! With a single donation to the Catawba County United Way, you can help numerous people, agencies, and programs in your community!

3. It won't break your bank! You might be wondering “How much should I give?” You would be amazed at how sharing an hour’s pay per month can make a meaningful difference in someone’s life. But any amount helps. Every dollar adds up to produce significant impact.

$2 a week helps a transitional housing resident buy their prescription medication.

$2 a week provides a month of nutritious lunches to a senior citizen.

$5 a week provides 13 hours of housing case management to a victim of domestic violence.

$10 a week feeds one disaster survivor for a day

$10 a week provides 24 hours of trauma-informed therapy for victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

How can I donate online?

You can select how you wish to donate to your Catawba County United Way - via Credit/Debit cards, mail a check or request to be billed.


If you would like to donate by mailing a check or you want to be billed for a pledge, you may click here.



If you would like to donate by credit card, you may click on the button below.

All credit card donations will incur a 3% processing charge to offset the credit card processing fees. Thank You!

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