Money Needs Calculator and Other Resources


How much does it cost to live in Catawba County?

Follow the links below to find out with the Money Needs Calculator. The results may surprise you.

To learn even more about the socioeconomic outlook of Catawba County, take a look at the United Way of North Carolina's Self-Sufficiency Report for 2020 or read the most recent Catawba County Health Assessment.

What is 2-1-1 Counts? 


2-1-1 Counts is a web-based tool to provide real-time, searchable and visual presentations of data about community- specific needs of vulnerable populations. 2-1-1 Counts displays a count of 2-1-1 callers’ most pressing needs and reports data at the ZIP code, region or call center level as recently as yesterday. 2-1-1 Counts enables users to check trends, make comparisons, and share information.

Click HERE to see for yourself!