211 Impact Story – Helping family say goodbye after a death

(Information provided by NC211 from a call received in April by a 211 call specialist. Full names are withheld to protect the privacy of the caller and call specialist.)

Wanda’s younger brother passed away from COVID-19. 

The situation was very stressful because Wanda did not get to visit him and say goodbye due to social distancing and the current rules around staying at home. Her brother’s funeral was going to be held in South Carolina. 

Wanda called 211 because she didn’t know if it would be safe to travel to South Carolina while the stay at home order is in place in North Carolina and what restrictions are in place in South Carolina. 

The NC 211 Call Specialist, hearing the sadness and anxiety in Wanda’s voice, put Wanda on a brief hold and reached out to 211 partners in South Carolina to find out what rules were in place in that state. The call specialist was able to reassure Wanda that she would be able to travel to South Carolina for her brother’s funeral and be with her family. 

Wanda was grateful that with one simple call she could get the information she needed during this very difficult and stressful time.

If you or someone you know ever needs help call 211 or visit nc211.org.