Catawba County United Way accepts funding requests for 2022

The Catawba County United Way (CCUW) is currently accepting Notices of Intent to apply for funding for 2022. 


This Notice of Intent is due on Feb. 26 by 6 p.m. and can be found on the CCUW website at -

Those submitting a Notice of Intent will be asked to attend training to prepare them to fill out a pre-Request for Funding Proposal (pre-RFP) on March 2, held as a Zoom meeting.

Pre-Requests for funding are accepted through electronic submission to the CCUW website and requires individual, pre-assigned access log-in and password information. Please submit the requested Notice of Intent to be assigned the access information as a representative of your organization. Once assigned, your individual log-in/password will then be emailed to you.

Qualifying non-profits should target at least one of the three impact areas the United Way is focused on to address the needs of the residents of Catawba County: Health, Education and/or Income.

The area of Health is defined as safe and secure environments, healthy beginnings, healthy lifestyles and access to health care and prevention.

The area of Education is defined as school readiness, academic achievement, parental/guardian engagement and productive young adults. 

The area of Income is defined as family-sustaining education and employment, income supports, affordable housing and savings and manageable expenses.

Only organizations who are either incorporated as a not-for-profit, tax exempt entity or who have a 501-C3 legal status within Catawba County, who comply with applicable legal, federal state and local operating and reporting requirements (e.g. government approved accounting practices, annual audit, 990, nondiscrimination) should apply.

Also, those being considered must be operated by an active, responsible and voluntary governing body and adhere to a locally developed and adopted code of ethics for volunteers and staff, which include provisions for ethical management, publicity, fundraising practices and full and fair disclosure.

If you’re interested in completing a Notice of Intent form, fill out the online form at or contact John Bailey at 828-327-6851 or by email at

Deadline for completion of the Pre-RFP is March 11. Late applications will not be accepted.

Those organizations selected to complete final Requests for Funding will be notified. All grant amounts are contingent on funds raised.