Finest Website for Gas Pumps joins Small Businesses Love big

Sept. 1, 2022



The Catawba County United Way (CCUW) recently welcomed Hickory-based business, The Finest Website for Gas Pumps, to the CCUW’s new Small Businesses Love Big initiative.  

This is an opportunity for small companies in Catawba County (50 employees or less) to invest back into their communities by supporting local non-profit programs. 

“We know that our small businesses understand and see the needs in our community from a unique perspective and giving them the opportunity to invest in their community not only makes sense but honors the contributions of both small business and non-profits,” Catawba County United Way Executive Director Mark Bumgarner said.

Each participating business will contribute $365 a year, which will be used to fund a second CCUW allocation process focused on small and start-up local non-profitsRepresentatives of the businesses will then meet to review the grant applications and decide what programs to fund.

To learn more about the CCUW’s Small Businesses Love Big initiative call Sylvia Long at 828-327-6851 or email or visit