Getting to know local non-profit leaders - Patrick Beaver Learning Resources Center

May 20, 2022


Over the next few weeks, the Catawba County United Way will be highlighting the executive and program directors of the CCUW's funded partner agencies for 2022.

Every year, the CCUW looks to partner with local non-profits and help support their programs focused on improving the lives of those in need in the areas of education, financial stability and health.


This week Angela Lawrence – Exec. Dir. Patrick Beaver Learning Resources Center. 


1. How long have you been with your agency and have worked with non-profits overall?

In September, I will start my 9th year as executive director with Patrick Beaver Learning Resource Center. While I had volunteered with nonprofits before starting this position, I had never worked for a nonprofit.

2. What drew you to your current position and this kind of work?

A phone call from a friend led me to apply for this position. He was a board member at the time and thought that my experience in education and the corporate world would be a good fit for this job. Reading is so crucial to a child’s success in school and in life, so this job combined my desire to help children and my passion for literacy.

3. What is the impact of your agency in our community?

We help children all over the county read more proficiency. Through the Augustine Literacy Project, we provide individualized, structured, multisensory literacy tutoring to children whose families can’t afford to pay for private tutoring. We train K-3 teachers every year in the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching reading. These teachers are enabled to help more students to become better readers. They are equipped to recognize and remediate reading problems, such as dyslexia. We also work to encourage the parents of striving readers and show all parents how they can help their children with reading at home. The pandemic halted our parent outreach events, but we are looking forward to getting those started again in the near future.

4. What does a good day at work look like?

A good day at work is anytime I get to see children reading more fluently because of our work. Whether the children have received help through one of our Orton-Gillingham trained teachers or our volunteer Augustine Literacy Project tutors, it is always so rewarding to see children, who once struggled to read, confidently tackling more complex text. Also, our new tutor trainings are always some of my favorite weeks at work. I know that the new volunteer tutors will not only improve a child’s reading ability but also provide another caring adult presence in the child’s life.

5. The non-profit world can be stressful. What’s your favorite way to relax?

Spending time with my family and gardening--vegetables, fruits, and flowers!

6. Do you have a favorite book/movie and why?

It is really difficult for English majors to choose a favorite book, but if I had to choose the book that has influenced me the most, other than scripture, I would say Radical by David Platt or Gospel Fluency by Jeff Vanderstelt.

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