What do you say? - A Letter from the Executive Director Jennie Connor

At a time, such as we are experiencing now, what do you say?  How do you act?  How do you feel? 

There are three areas of concerns, as a result of COVID-19, that come to mind: physical, financial and emotional. 

First, there are the people who have physically contracted this horrible virus and experienced horrendous pain and suffering.

Second, there is the financial destruction due to job loss and interruption of services with fear of food insecurity and homelessness.

Third, there is the emotional toll from all the above.

Hence brings me to the question of how do we help one another?  

As the Executive Director of Catawba County United Way, I search for the perfect solution…hoping to find the golden egg. While there may not be just one crown jewel there are many non-profits offering to ease the pain or walk beside you during the trials of today’s challenges. 

I’ve seen firsthand how local programs have adapted to this “new normal” we all find ourselves in and have met the challenges they faced.

They’ve embraced the use of digital technology to stay in contact with clients to offer financial assistance and counseling services. They’ve found inventive ways to continue to provide shelter and food to those in need and still abide by social distancing expectations.

Non-profits are acting together and not as an island unto themselves, and they are examples of what we as a community can accomplish when we stand shoulder to shoulder. 

I am proud of what we’ve all accomplished as a community, and you should be also. What do you say…we are here for you.

To learn more about resources in Catawba County visit http://www.ccunitedway.com/COVID-19-Resources.