Youth Council accepting funding requests

Jan. 31, 2023


The Catawba County Youth Council will begin accepting Requests for Funding Proposals (RFPs) targeted to address the impact Areas of health and education as they relate to the needs and wellbeing of children and youth in our community, starting Feb. 3. 

youth council


The Youth Council partners with the Catawba County United Way in this annual community investment process. The RFP applications are due to the Catawba County United Way (CCUW) by midnight on March 3.

RFPs will be considered by the Catawba County Youth Council from organizations who are either incorporated as a not-for-profit, tax-exempt entity or who have a 501-C3 legal status, within Catawba County. They must comply with applicable legal, federal, state and local operating and reporting requirements (e.g. government approved accounting practices, annual audit, 990, nondiscrimination). Agencies will need to provide proof of their non-profit status.

RFPs for consideration by the Youth Council must be programs operated by an active, responsible and voluntary governing body and adhere to a locally developed and adopted code of ethics for volunteers and staff, which include provisions for ethical management, publicity, fundraising practices and full and fair disclosure.

Monies available for program funding are raised solely by youth – groups and/or individuals in Catawba County through the Catawba County United Way’s annual community campaign.

All grant amounts are contingent on funding recommended by the Youth Council and approved by the Catawba County United Way Board of Directors.

These funding recommendations are made solely by the Catawba County Youth Council and its panel members.

Applications will be accessible on the CCUW website starting Feb. 3 on the web at,

or contact John Bailey, CCUW Director of Community Impact at

Organizations selected for funding will be notified in writing in June. 

To learn more about the United Way Youth Community investment process, visit