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Win a brand new car

A Fair Share Gift qualifies YOU to enter the drawing to Win A Brand New Car

Donated by Paramount Automotive


There are several different levels of being a Fair Share Donor which are listed below:

Fair Share (1 hours pay per month or .6% of salary is considered Fair Share)

Fair Share Plus  (2 hours pay per month or 1.2% of annual income)

Fair Share Premier (3 hours pay per month or 1.7% of annual income)

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Thank you for participating in the annual United Way Campaign! Our local United Way has been serving our neighbors since 1944. United Way works with community partners to enhance the health, education and financial stability for everyone throughout Catawba County. Your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated and will help make a difference for 1 in 3 neighbors.

If you have any questions or would like to completed your employee campaign via our workplace campaign portal, please contact Sylvia Long at or at 828-327-6851.


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