Community impact stories - Connections that change lives

Aug. 4, 2022



Every year, the Catawba County United Way (CCUW) partners with other local non-profits, supporting programs that address the most impactful needs in our community. The following are success stories shared by current CCUW funded partners. 

Catawba County Partnership for Children – Parents as Teachers program

One of the PAT teen moms had struggled with behavioral and mental health issues throughout middle and high school. She became pregnant at 16 and was referred to PAT by her guidance counselor. The teen has been very consistent with attending home visits. She plays with her child and reads to him daily and monitors his developmental milestones. The mother is now working and is taking steps to complete her high school education. Her little boy is turning one year old and is thriving; the attachment between mom and child is very secure and loving. Mom has learned essential parenting behaviors and skills, and she tells her Educator that PAT has "turned her life around and given her purpose."

Council on Adolescents of Catawba County – Mentoring program

From a Lunch Buddy Mentor Julie – This is my third year visiting Bianca who is now in her first year of high school. I have enjoyed our varied conversations each week from what we each did the past week, family updates and histories of both our families, and what new book I'm sharing. Bianca even asks if we can talk on the phone the weeks school is closed or I am away. This week I almost cried when I heard that Bianca got her first job at an ice cream shop. She is growing up and I hope to be continually a part of that growth. This is the first year that Bianca, her mom and I will share a night at the Crawdads' stadium. I am really looking forward to our time together. She is a sweet girl, and I never would have met her if it wasn't for Lunch Buddy.

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