Getting to know non-profit leaders - American Red Cross

Aug. 17, 2023


Over the last few weeks, the Catawba County United Way highlighted the executive, program directors and other non-profit leaders of the CCUW's funded partner agencies for 2023. Every year, the CCUW looks to partner with local non-profits and help support their programs focused on improving the lives of those in need in the areas of education, financial stability and health.


This week we learn about Scott Loudermelt - Executive Director American Red Cross, Blue Ridge Piedmont Chapter.

  1. What drew you to your current position and working in the non-profit world? 

While working with nonprofits has been my professional calling, the American Red Cross has always been special to me.  When I was 9, my family was assisted by the Red Cross after a flood.  I can remember feeling lost and how the volunteers embraced us all.  I wanted to be a small part of that comfort for others.

  1. What is the biggest challenge your agency faces today? 

Being an agency that is volunteer staffed and led, recruitment of volunteers is always in the forefront.

  1. How important is collaboration with other non-profits for you? 

The Red Cross is ineffective without community partners.  Without collaboration with not only non-profits, but businesses, houses of worship, schools, governmental agencies like emergency management and fire departments, we could not deliver our services to those in need.

  1. What does a good day at work look like? 

Blue skies, full blood drives, lots of first aid/CPR training, engaged and happy volunteers and a good joke or two.

  1. The non-profit world can be stressful. What’s your favorite way to relax? 

Time with family, reading, listening to music and watching football.

  1. Have you recently read a book or watched a movie that’s inspired you in some way? If so – title and why?

I recently read Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl and I wish I had sooner.  The why is a quote from the book: "“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Thank you again to all the CCUW 2023 funded partner leaders who participated this year's Getting to Know You series.

We appreciate the work, they and all of our other funded partners accomplish every day to help those in need.

Learn more about them at - THIS LINK.